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Change Browser's Culture

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Culture means language of the browser. Mostly browser's culture sets to [en-US], It means English language (United State region). When user install the Microsoft’s Internet Explore or other browser into their computer, they have the choise to choose their language. A user can change browser’s culture after the installation.

Here we explain the method to change the culture in IE step by step.

Step 1.

Open Internet Explore.

Step 2.

Select Tools --> Internet Option from IE menu. As shown in the image below.


Step 3.

When you click on Internet Option, a new dialog box appears as shown in image below. On the first tab i.e. General, select the Language button as shown under the Appearance section.


Step 4.

As you click the Language button, a new dialog box appears name Language Preference (image).


Step 5.

Click the Add button to add new cultures (languages) in which you want to read website's content (image above). A new dialog box opens, named Add Language. Select the language and click OK button.


finally your browser's languaged has been changed.
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