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Deployment using Virtual Directory in Asp.Net

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  1. Select Start ⇒ Run. The Run dialog box appears. Or you can simply press the Win+R shortcut key.

  2. Type inetmgr command in the Run dialog box and click the OK button. The IIS (Internet Information Services) window appears as shown in the following image.

    virtual image

  3. In the left pane of the IIS window, you will see your computer name. Click it to expand the computer node. The Web Sites OR Sites node is displayed as shown in the following figure.

    Virtual image

  4. Expand the Sites node. The Default Web Site node is displayed as shown in the above figure.

  5. Right-click the Default Web Site node, and then select Add Virtual Directory as shown below.

    virtual image

  6. The Add Virtual Directory dialog box appears as show below.

    virtual image

  7. In the Alias text box, type the alias name for your website. And in the Physical path text box, Type or Browse the physical path of the web application for which you want to create a virtual directory. Press the OK button.

  8. Now virtual directory is created with the alias name which you have specified during the last step. The virtual directory is displayed in the left pane of IIS under the Site node.

  9. To view the content of the virtual directory, click the content view option at the bottom.
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