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Policy for www.solvingera.com

1. We deeply respect your privacy and all information provided by you will be kept secured up to highest level.

2. We expect no personal information of our visitor but we will collect few information for the security purpose as your IP (Internet Protocol) address, ISP(Internet Service Provider), OS(Operating System), Browser you used to visit our website, visitor's location and how many time you visits our Website .

Terms & Condition

1. All information and content on this website are accurate as per our knowledge but we provide no claim of the accuracy of the stuff and we will not be responsible for any damage or issue.

2. We provide the stuff of this website absolutely free for all visitors. There is no need to register yourself before using our website.

3. A visitor can use this information in hard copy solely for his personal use. Any effort of using it for economic purpose, distribution or transmission in any way into another document will be considered the violation of copyright and will be dealt as per law.

4. The information provided by us is fully summarized by our experts but some sources are used for reference. The main sources are HTML 4 for Dummies By Ed Tittel and Mary C. Burmeister , Professional ASP.NET 3.5 By Bill Evjen and Scott Hanselman, ASP.NET 3.5 By Matthew MacDonald and .NET 4.0 Programming Black Book. Any similarity of this stuff will be considered merely a coincident.
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