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HTML is HyperText Markup Language. The first version of HTML was described by Tim Berners-Lee in late 1991 & Developed by W3C(World Wide Web Consortium) and Whatwg.

HTML is used for creating Web Pages, so that we can display information on the web browser. HTML language is written in the form of html element. There are different tags used in html. Some tags come in pair like <table>...</table> and some are empty element like <img> tag. Tags are used to represent information. There are different tags which is used for displaying Table, Image, Linking, Listing etc.

Here, we provide HTML tutorial in simple, easy and technical language. We have described HTML with example code snippet and their output in a learning maner. You can get a quick access to HTML tutorial by simply pressing these links for become a website developer.

Introduction Tags Formatting Listing
Linking Image Table Frames
Forms Color & Fonts Color Code Special Character

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