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Color & Number in HTML

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There are 16 Color name which is used to color a web page.

  Color Name   Color Value   Color Name   Color Value  
Black #000000 Green #008000
Silver #C0C0C0 Lime #00FF00
Gray #808080 live #808000
White #FFFFFF Yellow #FFFF00
Maroon #800000 Navy #000080
Red #FF0000 Blue #0000FF
Purple #800080 Teal #008080
Fuchsia #FF00FF Aqua #00FFFF

Color numbers

Color numbers allow you to use any color on Web page.

Hexadecimal color codes

To define any color on web Page, Hexadecimal notation uses six characters which is a combination of numbers and letters .
When we use hexadecimal code to define a color, we should always precede it with a pound sign (#).


For Black: - #000000

RGB values

RGB values is the second way to define color on web page.
  • rgb(r,g,b): The r, g, and b are integers between 0 and 255 that represent the red, green, and blue of the color.

  • rgb(r%,g%,b%): The r%, g%, and b% represent the percentage of red, green, and blue of the color.
Note: Every color can be defined as a mixture of red, green, and blue (RGB). You can use either an RGB value or the equivalent hex code to describe a color’s RGB value to a Web browser.


There are five common pseudo classes that you can use with hyperlinks:
  • link defines formatting for links that haven’t been visited.

  • Visited defines formatting for links that have been visited.

  • Focus defines formatting for links that are selected by the keyboard (for example, by using the Tab key) and are about to be activated by using the Enter key.

  • Hover defines formatting for links w defines formatting for links when they are selected (clicked by the mouse).
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