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Formatting Text in HTML

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It is the main part of designing. There are many tags some of them are :-

  • Paragraphs

  • Headings

  • Block quotes

  • Lists

  • Tables

  • Forms


 <P> is used for paragraph.
    1. Add the <p>(opening tag) in the body of the document.
    2. Type the content of the paragraph.
    3. Add </P> to close that paragraph.


Alignment ia the position of a paragraph in relation to the table. It specifies that from where a paragraph starts. By default, the paragraph starts from left to right. The alignment attribute comes with a value of center, right, or left  .

1. <p align="center">Paragraph starts from center.</p>
2. <p align="right">Paragraph starts from right.</p>
3. <p align="left">Paragraph starts from left</p>


There are 6 tag in HTML.
<h1> is the largest heading (Heading 1)
<h6> is the smaller heading (Heading 6)


<h1>this is h1</h1>

<h2>this is h2</h2>

<h3>this is h3</h3>

<h6>this is h6</h6>


this is h1

this is h2

this is h3

this is h6

Block quotes

A block quote is a long quotation or excerpts from a printed source that you set apart on your page. You use the <blockquote> element to identify block.


<blockquote>Your Quotation</blockquote>

Preformatted text

Ordinarily, HTML ignores white space inside documents. A browser won’t display a block element’s Large white spaces,Line breaks.


<pre>write your text as you want to display</pre>

Line breaks

<br/> tag is used to break a line to jump next line.

Horizontal rules

The horizontal rule element (<hr />) helps you include solid straight lines (rules) on your page.
Four different attributes control the appearance of each horizontal rule:

width: Specifies line width either in pixels or by percentage of display area width.

size: Specifies the height of the line in pixels. The default is 1 pixel.

align: Specifies the horizontal alignment of the rule as either left (the default), center, or right.If you don’t define a width for your rule, it takes the entire width of the page.

noshade: Specifies a solid line with no shading.


<hr width="45%" size="4" align="center" noshade="noshade" />


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