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Introduction of HTML

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We will tell you how to use HTML to get your Web pages up and running on the World Wide Web(WWW), and how can you design and build effective Web documents that can bring your ideas and information to the whole online world.

What is HTML ?

HTML is Hypertext Markup Language.
To create a HTML page, you should open NOTEPAD in your computer then "save as" file ending with ".html" extension.

The HTML markup includes a collection of markup elements and attributes that describe the letter’s contents:


The <HTML> element defines the document as an HTML document.


<HEAD> element creates a header section for the document


<TITLE> element defines a document title that is displayed in the browser’s title bar.


<META> element is used for SEO(search engine optimization ) to increase the search engine ranking. This is used to record the information of the page. <META> tag may be 1 or more.
It contain two attribute i.e Name and Contents.


<BODY> element holds the text that appears in the windows browser.
<body> tag contains many attributes, some of them are given below:-

  • bgcolor: This is a background color for the body of html page.

  • Topmargin: It specifies the space from the top of the browser window.

  • leftmargin: It specifies the space from the left of the browser window.
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