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Linking in HTML

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Links  connect (X)HTML pages and other resources on the Web. When you include a link on your page, you allow visitors to travel from your page to another Web site, another page on your site, or even another location on the same page.

Element <a> with the href attribute is main linking element.


   <a href="http://www.solvingera.com" > Click Here to open solvingera</a>

target="blank"  is used to open link in new window.


  <a href="http://www.solvingera.com" target="_blank">Click Here to open solvingera in new tab</a>

Going to top from bottom we use href="#top" attribute. (#) is a pound sign. It indicates that you are pointing to a particular area on the same page.


   <a href="#top">Back to top</a>

Linking E-Mail Addresses

A link to an e-mail address can automatically open a new e-mail addressed to exactly the right person.


<a href="mailto:admin@solvingera.com">Click Here to mail us</a>

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