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Tags in HTML

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There are several tags in HTML. Some important tags are given below with Explanation.

<!--><!--It is a comment. -->Comments are invisible in browser
<!DOCTYPE><!DOCTYPE html>It is just an instruction to the web browser about the version of HTML, not an HTML tag
<p>solvingera provides E-learning.</p>
<a href="http://www.solvingera.com">Go to www.solvingera.com</a>

solvingera provides E-learning.

Go to www.solvingera.com
Content within this tag is the body of the HTML document.
<meta /><meta name="" content=""  />It is used for SEO to increase the search engine ranking.
<a></a><a href="http://www.solvingera.com">Go to www.solvingera.com</a>Go to www.solvingera.comIt is a hyperlink.
<abbr></abbr><abbr title="Right To Information">RTI</abbr>RTITells useful information to browsers when mouse over the <abbr> element.
<h1>solvingera.com </h1><p>It is a way to smart study</p>


It is a way to smart study

<b></b>This is used for<b> bold </b>text.This is used for bold text.Bold the text within the tag.
<i></i>This is used for <i>Italic</i> text.This is used for Italic text.Italic the text within the tag.
<u></u>This is used for <u>Underline</u> text.This is used for Underline text.Underline the text within the tag.
<p></p><p>This is paragraph 1.</p><p>This is para 2.</p>

This is paragraph 1.

This is para 2.

Center the text within the tag.
<br />Ram is <br/>a<br/>good boy.Ram is
good boy.
It is used for Break the line.











  • These are Html Headings.
  • High priority in SEO.
<title></title><title>Welcome </title>It specify the title of html document.
<bdo></bdo><bdo dir="rtl">This text will go right-to-left.</bdo>This text will go right-to-left. bdo stands for Bi-Directional Override.
<button></button><button type="button">Click Here!</button> Get Detail
<caption></caption><caption>HTML</caption>HTMLIt tells the caption of table.
You can specify only one caption per table.
<del></del><p>I am playing <del>cricket</del></p>

I am playing cricket.

Definesthe deleted text from a document
<ins></ins><p>I am playing <del>cricket</del><ins>Football</ins></p>

I am playing cricketFootball.

Defines the inserted text into the document
<div></div><div style="font-family:Lucida Handwriting"><p>This para is under <div> tag</p></div>

This para is under <div> tag.

Defines a section in an HTML document.
<big></big><p>It is a result<big> of big tag.</big></p>

It is a result of big tag.

<blockquote></blockquote><block quote>Your quotation</blockquote>
Your quotation
It is used to define quotation.Get More Detail
<code></code>Write <code>computer code </code>here.Write computer code here. 
<dfn></dfn><p>It is used to<dfn> define a defination term.</dfn></p>

It is used to define a defination term.

<dfn> tag is a phrase tag. ag is a phrase tag.
<em></em><p>This is <em>Emphasized text.</em></p>

This is Emphasized text.

<kbd></kbd><p>This is <kbd>Keyboard Input.</kbd></p>

This is Keyboard Input.

<font></font><p>This paragraph contain some <font color="red">Red words.</font></p>

This paragraph contain some Red words.

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